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We are simply different to all other utility brokers, consultants and advisers. With years of experience working in the business utility sector, working for suppliers, brokers and aggregators. We believe we can do things better for business customers.

Simply utilities, created in May 2022 with a promise to simply help ALL business utility users. We know that utilities can be a real pain for businesses, not to mention time consuming. Sadly, due to a lack of service from suppliers coupled with salespeople who are only available when there is money to be made, a lot of customers are left frustrated and  struggling to get queries resolved.

This is where Simply Utilities can make a big impact to your business.

Our promise is to simply help all business utility customers regardless of your contract status.

To put it SIMPLY – we want to help you

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We promise to help resolve any queries you have with your business gas, electric or water supplier. Whilst we are helping you resolve your issues; we will carry out a heath check on your contracts.

So where is the catch?

There isn’t one. We will only make money if you use our service to procure a contract with a utility supplier. Being transparent and honest is important to us. We will show exactly what we will make if you decide to use our service to  arrange your utility contracts and we will confirm how we are paid by your utility provider.


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