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We will receive a commission directly from the supplier when an energy contract procured via Simply Utilities goes live; it pays for our services, including comparison, switch management, customer service and account management.


Utility brokers make their money only when you sign a utility contract procured via them. The commissions are often hidden within the unit rate.

Suppliers in some instances will allow a utility broker to take 3p per kWh in a supply contract. So, let’s say you are a small business using on average 16,000 kWh per year. This would allow an energy broker to make £4,800 per year which is added to the cost of your contract. You pay it to the supplier and the supplier pays it to the utility consultant who sorted your contract.

How a supplier pays the consultant depends on their agreement. Some will be paid upfront; this means they will get a % of the £4,800 the month after your contract goes live. If the broker takes this payment monthly, they will be earning £400 per month for the services they have provided you with.

Most brokers will place your business where the payment terms are better for them, meaning you are not always getting an impartial price. 

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Taking Care Of Our Customers

Unlike most utility consultants Simply Utilities promises to never put more than 0.7pp KWH commission on any contract we procure on your behalf. Before you sign any agreement with us, we will disclose all commissions and payment terms from the suppliers.

Based on a customer with 16,000 kWh here is the monthly payments potentially made to Simply Utilities depending on the uplift within your contract.


If you have agreed a supply contract and would like us to provide you with a statement of commissions, we have been paid since your supply contract procured via us went live.

Please send us a copy of your bills to support@simplyutilities.co.uk

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